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Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers

“This poem was written just prior to the war when Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black’s papers were busily advocating it. They should both be prosecuted for incitement to genocide.”

Now Rupert and Conrad they love a good scrap,
It makes such rich copy that jingoist crap.

For Rupe its just crude and all about price.
As for Con, well he’s always up for a slice,
With manners and morals and being so right,
Saddam is a psycho, let’s use our D.U.M. might.
The cruelty of anal retentives like these,
Whose editors grovel and write to appease,
Is paranoid now as they advocate war,
Genocide, poison, gore dripping on gore.
Great Scott what of Maggie or Donald you cry
Their sales, their profits-for that people must die?
Think it through and you’ll see to the truth of it,
That Rupe is a Con and the pair full of shit.
If their papers preach death then pray why not theirs,
For would the world weep if they both ‘fell down stairs’?

January 8, 2003

© 2003 Freedom Lite (Michael Culver)

Freedom Lite