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Cry God for Willy

Cry God for Willy

Now there’s a problem for big brother, Harry’s gone and stole the thunder

And Willy knows to win his spurs he’ll have to aid the jolly plunder.

“To Helmand, to Helmand our streets must be protected

As endless war Papa it is to be expected

I foresee exploding Talibs in our palaces and more

Foul terror Sharia courts all this delivered to our shore;

I’ll show Harry, show him slaughter should be done with zest

Did he light up peasant boys in their fields,that’s the test?

We must defend our heart is pure, come let us the rampant lion unfurl

Shred and scald those Pashtun wallahs,I may be pretty but I’m no girl,

Training done, know the guns ,ammo blows them all to bits

Mothers fathers babes or kids they’ll not know arse from tits;

But if those kids grew up with submarines and massive missiles

They could come here they’d not be stopped sailing for our sceptered isles

So please Papa say I can away ere break of day

For we must conquer that foul country and I will slay

Those bearded baddies Muslim murderers make all weep make all cower

At Albion’s name as I just might fly St George from every tower.”


November 18, 2010

© 2003 Freedom Lite (Michael Culver)

Freedom Lite