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Neo-Con Auto-da-fé

Neo-Con Auto-da-fé

As torture is now de rigueur in our advanced 21 st century civilisation and as our dear leader has stated that much valuable information stems from it this poem is dedicated to that concept.

The usual sick assassins teach all torture as a norm
And so this grovelling satrapy perforce must now conform,

Preaching democracy and human rights, smiling as we come,
The reality quite different, a broomstick up the bum.
From Guantananamo to Abu Ghraib from Basra to Bagram
Its blind’em beat’em boil’em till they bow-wow to Uncle Sam.
For liberals who find this loathsome, really not quite cricket

The answers all to obvious, they know where they can stick it.
So wire those testicles up Tony ,Gordon ,wire those testicles up
Till its piss and shit and blood which is filling our loving cup,
As we chant of the market supreme, all they should want or need,
While we fry the world in their oil thus demonstrating our creed.
Then swamp their lands with D.U. shock’n awe those cluster bombs down,
For in this Christian rapture Bush prays that all Islam will drown.

June 6, 2006

© 2003 Freedom Lite (Michael Culver)

Freedom Lite