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The War on Iraq

These genocidal jottings, mainly in the form of poems, are dedicated to the children of Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan and where ever else the U.S and U.K. have used depleted Uranium.

They are also dedicated to Brian Haw the peace activist who spent the last ten years of his life protesting in Parliament Square. A couple of notes, where ever I use the word D.U.M. it refers to depleted Uranium munitions and D.U. is of course depleted Uranium. N.G.O.s/non governmental organisations.

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Glamour fades fast as grey men go to battle

There were two wars being fought in Westminster yesterday. There was Iraq, where the heat and dust of the battle is being examined in a chilly room by men as grey as the sky overhead. Then there was Afghanistan, where our mission was being defended by the quivering moustache that is Bob Ainsworth at the Defence Select Committee for the first time.

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