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Once more unto the breach

Once more unto the breach:

Hurrah hurrah Prince Harry ‘s going to wah ;

To win back home a medal from his pa

Our feudal relic  ‘s off to kill

Those Afghan chappies – such a thrill.

And will he wear his Nazi gear?

Oh will he ever – never fear.

What a hero, in a chopper

Happy as a sales day shopper

Picking victims just like sweaters,

He will teach them we ‘re their betters.

Tickety boo and don’t cha know

Burning babies give quite a glow

When hellfire missiles strike their home

For they ‘ve not got an Iron Dome!

Infanticide and Genocide

What fun that Hell is on our side.

Hurrah hurrah Prince Harry  ‘s going to wah

To bring back home more booty for papa.


Tags: war crimes, Prince Harry

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